SOWNDARYA NAGARAJ took birth on this planet just like trillion of other births that have happened. However, being a soul among trillions she did not exempt her from the cruel realities of life. She too had to face the struggles that many others have encountered, but with heavy dosage of clinical depression, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, phobias, suicidal thoughts, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more in her young age.Despite these obstacles, SOWNDARYA NAGARAJ refused to give up. She managed to survive and overcome all these challenges for 17 long years. And through it all, she learned to accept and surrender herself to the divine teachings of nature. She found meaning in everything around her and used these experiences to grow stronger and become a better version of herself.

The most profound aspect of acquiring knowledge and spiritual wisdom is to pass it on to those who are meant to be awakened, for the betterment of humanity and all other life forms on our HOME-planet Earth. Is there a greater calling than to awaken people from the ignorance with the secrets of the human mind and the karmic patterns that shape a soul’s DNA, thus influencing the course of its entire lifetime?

SOWNDARYA NAGARAJ’s Sole purpose of her life was a profound one, born out of a deep desire to help those suffering from mental health issues by removing the ignorance and leading to the path to attain supreme. For 6 years, SOWNDARYA dedicated herself to the task of understanding the human mind and soul, seeking to unlock the secrets of how karmic patterns impact the timeline of an individual’s lifetime. She worked as a Mental Health therapist in international suicide helplines, counselling people and helping them to come out of depression and other mental health issues. By engaging people in healthy, positive conversations and guiding them towards self-realization. She was able to save more than 5000 souls from different countries around the world. While the task was not an easy one, SOWNDARYA NAGARAJ’s commitment to her purpose as a replica of divinity itself kept her moving forward. With every life she saved, she felt a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilment, knowing that she was fulfilling her role on this planet.

Sowndarya Nagaraj was fortunate to have a first Guru in this Physical world who was none other than her father in this Incarnation. He instilled in her the basic necessary understanding of Spirituality and Humanity that set the foundation for her journey. He also simplified the teachings of 18 Siddhars, Ramana Maharshi, 63 Nayanmargal and Lord Shiva and shared some of their yogic practices that served as a medication dosage to give her the strength to fight those Dark Demons for 17 long years.Her mother, although not spiritually inclined, but always remained true and loyal to her own self. Not just that, her selfless actions have been a source of inspiration and motivation for Sowndarya Nagaraj on her spiritual journey.

On fateful day of February 25th, 2019, SOWNDARYA NAGARAJ’s life took a sudden turn when she experienced a near-death incident. Amid the chaos and confusion, she felt the presence of SRI SRI MAHAVATAR BABAJI – a divine Guru who revealed to her the true purpose of her soul’s existence. This encounter with her Guru was a turning point in her life as she received direct guidance from Gurudevar Babaji.

SOWNDARYA NAGARAJ’s journey with her Guru has been an enlightening experience as she received lessons on various spiritual topics, including “AWAKEN YOUR SOUL” directly from Babaji which she has shared with over 6,000 people through more than 100 online classes over the last 3 years. Her teachings have reached people from various regions, including Tamilnadu, North India and America, through online platform. Her dedication to spreading spiritual knowledge and awakening people’s souls is a testament to her strong connection with her Guru and her divine purpose.

Sowndarya Nagaraj, following the direct teachings and initiation of her spiritual guru, Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji, introduced an upgraded Kriya Yoga called “Rudhra Kriyai” taught to her by Babaji for the current and future generations. With the blessings and guidance of Babaji, she gave her first initiation to Americans, South Koreans, and more than 100 Indians. The number of practitioners of Rudhra Kriyai is growing steadily and will continue to increase until it reaches every human on Earth.

(To know about our Rudhra Kriyai, read our “About Krita Yuka” page)

Sowndarya Nagaraj has dedicated herself to a powerful purpose which is

  • Awaken human souls through Babaji’s teachings and complete His mission.
  • Her Krita Yuka will transform the current yuga into the golden yuga of Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji.(For more information about him, read our “About Mahavatar Babaji” page)
  • Help people break free from karmic patterns and misconceptions about spirituality.
  • Sowndarya Nagaraj is yet to bring more surprising things and services to this planet earth under her KRITA YUKA ORGANISATION; not just for humans but for all creatures.

Sowndarya Nagaraj sees herself as an instrument and guide rather than a guru. She encourages people to avoid following individuals but directly the “GOD” and Non Physical gurus like the 18 Siddhars, Jesus, Ramana Maharishi, Paramahamsa Yogananda, Lord Shiva , Karthikeya and Lord Krishna. She sees herself as an ordinary soul who was sent by Sri Mahavatar Babaji to show people the divine path that he and the Siddhars made especially for this current and upcoming generation, which is considered the weakest period in Kala Chakra. Her loyalty and honesty to her non-physical gurus and their teachings are unwavering. Even the fees for her classes and courses are contributed to her NGO “Krita Yuka”.